WEI RUI Manufacturing

(CHINA )NAN TONG WEI RUI THREAD CO.,LTD company using advanced equipment, production high tenacity thread are knotless.we also have nylon thread and bonded thread, 7 x24 hours of service, advanced environmental protection dyeing equipment, professional management, focus on product quality and service.we provide 1 year warranty to the customers.


WEI RUI team

We have about 70 kinds of thread and 20 production equipment.We also have the back - track process of winding equipment 200 Textile spindle position.In order to provide you with better service, we have a complete set of environment-friendly dyeing equipment, with unique formula to make the yarn bright and soft.


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We are no. 1...WHY?

  • 1996 - A factory was set up in our town
  • 1998 - we began to develop rapidly in this industry
  • 2000 - We found new production equipment at the exhibition
  • 2002 - Raising funds in 2002, we began to phase out old equipment      
  • 2006 - All equipment was upgraded in 2006, and orders began to increase rapidly
  • 2008 - The global financial crisis has had little impact on us
  • 2011 - The existing equipment can no longer meet the requirement of product quality
  • 2015 - Start planning 4.5KG of knotless thread
  • 15-2017 - Old equipment eliminated, new equipment all in place
  • 2018 - We start producing kontless thread no contaminate Twist uniform

Our company have more than1.000 customersaround the world!