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Sewing thread has become more and more standardized
- Apr 17, 2018 -

The demand for environmental protection from sewing threads is increasingly important, and many companies are paying more and more attention to the quality requirements of sewing threads, and doing a good job in the development of high-quality environmental protection sewing threads is now not just the importance of certificates for high-strength sewing threads. Not only how long the validity period of the certificate is, but also the strictness of the market for environmental protection requirements, making environmental protection testing more standardized.

There are many types of packages for sewing threads. In the era of manual sewing, mainly twisted cotton threads and silk threads are used. With the use of the sewing machine, a mass of wood yarn emerged again, ie, the waxed cotton thread was wound around the wood core, followed by the paper core (or plastic core) thread, the cardboard thread, the thread ball, and the pagoda thread. The capacity of various packages varies according to the use of civilian and industrial applications. Civil sewing threads, such as wooden yarns, paper cores, cardboard and threadballs.

The high-strength sewing thread also plays a decorative role in addition to the sewing function. The amount and cost of the sewing thread may not be significant in the whole piece, but the sewing efficiency, sewing quality and appearance quality are of great importance. What kind of thread is used in what kind of situation is a piece of thread? The least easy to grasp things.