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The characteristics of the sewing thread also have their unique properties due to their different materials:
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Cotton sewing thread

Good heat resistance, poor elasticity, abrasion resistance, moisture resistance, anti-bacterial ability, suitable for high-speed sewing and durable pressing.

The most used is the long-padded cotton thread: Long-pile cotton is used, combed, singed, mercerized, and high-density twisted, so the pull is better than ordinary combed cotton. It is often used for sewing cotton garments and other cotton fabrics.

Pure cotton thread

Pure cotton thread is generally divided into two parts: carding and combing. The real 100% pure cotton thread can be used as a full combed cotton. Generally used more than 402,202,203. It is made of high-quality cotton combed singed from the cotton area. Pure cotton is often used for sewing cotton garments and other cotton fabrics.

Polyester sewing thread

High strength, flat and beautiful appearance, wear-resistant; no mold, no corrosion, low price, rich colors, not easy to fade, not shrink.

Polyester and cotton sewing thread

Made of 65% polyester staple fiber and 35% cotton fiber blended, the thread has high strength, good abrasion resistance, small shrinkage, good flexibility and elasticity, and good heat resistance. You can sew various clothes.

Nylon sewing thread

Strong stretch, good elasticity, smooth texture, silky luster, excellent wear resistance.