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The sewing thread is the thread required for the knitted clothing product
- Apr 17, 2018 -

The sewing thread is the thread required for the knitted clothing product. The sewing thread can be divided into three categories according to raw materials: natural fiber, synthetic fiber sewing thread and hybrid sewing thread. With the development of the polyester industry, more and more pure polyester fibers are used as raw materials for sewing threads.

The difference between the polyester sewing thread and the nylon sewing thread, the polyester ignited, the black smoke, the odor is not heavy, there is no elasticity, and the nylon sewing thread also ignited, take the white smoke, pull up and have elastic odor Heavier. High abrasion resistance, good light resistance, mold resistance, coloring degree of 100 degrees, low temperature dyeing. It is widely used because of its high seam strength, durability, flat seams, and the ability to meet a wide range of different sewing industrial products.

Sewing thread refers to the thread used to sew textile materials, plastics, leather products, and staple books. Sewing thread features seamability, durability and appearance quality. Sewing thread is generally divided into three types: natural fiber type, chemical fiber type, and hybrid type because of its different materials; the characteristics of sewing thread also have unique properties due to their different materials:

Cotton sewing thread

--- Good heat resistance, elasticity, wear resistance, moisture resistance, anti-bacterial ability is poor, suitable for high-speed sewing and durable press.

The most used is the long-padded cotton thread: Long-pile cotton is used, combed, singed, mercerized, and high-density twisted, so the pull is better than ordinary combed cotton. Often used for sewing cotton garments and other cotton fabrics

Pure cotton thread: generally divided into combing and combing two parts, the real 100% cotton thread can be used to make the sewing of full combed cotton. Generally used more than 402,202,203. It is made of high-quality cotton combed singed from the cotton area. Pure cotton is often used for sewing cotton garments and other cotton fabrics.

Polyester sewing thread

---Strength is high, the stitches are flat, beautiful, and wear-resistant; no mildew, no corrosion, low price, rich colors, not easy to fade, no shrinkage.

Polyester and cotton sewing thread

--- Made of 65% polyester staple fiber and 35% cotton fiber blended, high strength, good abrasion resistance, low shrinkage, good flexibility and elasticity, good heat resistance. You can sew various clothes.

Nylon sewing thread

--- Strong stretch, good elasticity, smooth texture, silky luster, excellent wear resistance.

Nylon thread

--- high fracture strength, good wear resistance, low moisture absorption, high elasticity, but heat resistance is not enough, generally controlled at about 120 °C. Generally used for sewing chemical fiber fabrics, woolen cloth, sweaters and so on.

Wei Lun line

--- Lower price, higher breaking strength, lower abrasion resistance than nylon thread, good chemical stability, mainly sewing all kinds of flour bags, cloth shoes uppers, canvases, lock eyes, nail buckles and so on.


---Smooth surface, soft gloss, good elasticity, high temperature resistance. It is used to sew woolen garments and satin fabrics; rayon is colorful, but its strength is poor, its moisture absorption is poor, and its price is cheaper. Mostly used for embroidery.