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Five Easy Ways To Care For Nylon Thread
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Pay attention to the maintenance of the nylon thread during the application of the nylon thread. The quality of the nylon thread not only affects the use effect and processing cost, but also affects the appearance quality of the finished product. Today we will learn how to maintain the nylon thread.

1. Do not put together items that contain grease, salt, alkali, and acids.

2. Do not store the nylon thread in a dry, light, or non-polluting place. Do not store it in a humid place.

3, to prevent salt, alkali, acid corrosion in the water line.

4, winding in the winder, too tight will make the nylon line lose its original elasticity.

5. Do not wind the nylon thread around the round winder. In that case, it will cause color fade, yellowing and other aging phenomena to be replaced in time.

Seeing now, do you not know if you have mastered the maintenance of nylon thread? Since we are not buying a single-use nylon line, daily maintenance work is extremely important. Only paying attention to its maintenance will not affect its use.