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How Many Grades Of Polyester Filament Thread ?
- Jun 30, 2018 -

Polyester thread is a cost-effective material

  • It replaces some of the nylon thread product

  • We can divide polyester thread into the following kinds:

  1. high tenacity thread   7G/D   click to view     Clothes, shoes, bags.......

  2. high tenacity thread   8G/D   click to view      High speed sewing equipment, thicker fabric

  3. high tenacity thread   9G/D   click to view      Car interiors, safety seats, parachutes     

  • Three levels, applied to different industries

It must be ensured in the process of production high tenacity thread polyester thread  sewing thread no joint

We also need to dye it the color we want and apply silicone oil to the thread to improve the seam performance