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Introduction Of Comprehensive Indicators For Assessing The Quality Of Nylon Thread
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Nylon yarns are often used in our daily lives. Many people are not particularly clear about the comprehensive indicators for assessing the quality of nylon yarns. The comprehensive index for assessing the quality of nylon thread is seamability, which means that under the specified conditions, the nylon thread can be successfully sewn and formed a good stitch, and the ability to maintain certain mechanical properties in the trace.

The advantages and disadvantages of seamability will have a direct impact on the production efficiency, sewing quality and wearing performance. According to national standards, the grade of nylon thread is divided into first-class products, second-class products and external products. In order to make the nylon thread better sewn in the garment processing and the sewing effect is satisfactory, it is very important to select and apply the nylon thread correctly. The correct application of nylon thread should follow the following principles, match with the characteristics of the fabric, the nylon thread and the raw material of the fabric are the same or similar, in order to ensure the unity of shrinkage, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, durability, etc., to avoid the line, fabric The appearance of shrinkage caused by the difference between.

The above is a comprehensive introduction to the evaluation of the quality of nylon thread. I hope to help you in the application of nylon thread in the future.