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Introduction To The 3 Properties Of Nylon Thread
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Understand the composition of nylon thread, also understand the use of nylon thread, etc. Today we have a look at the most basic of the various properties of nylon thread.

1, wear resistance.

The abrasion resistance of nylon thread is the best among all textile fibers. Under the same conditions, the abrasion resistance is 10 times that of cotton, 20 times that of wool, and 50 times that of silk. If a nylon yarn is blended with 15% in wool or cotton spinning, the wear resistance is higher than that of pure wool or Cotton material increased by 3 times.

2, fracture strength.

As a nylon thread used for clothing, its breaking strength is 5.0~6.4g/d, and industrial high-strength thread is 7~9.5g/d or even higher, and its wet state breaking strength is about 85% of the dry state. 90%.

3, fracture elongation.

The elongation at break of the nylon thread varies according to the variety. The elongation of the strong thread is between 10% and 25%. Generally, the thread is 25-40% of the thread, and the tear elongation in the wet state is about higher than the dry state. 3~5%.

In addition, there are many properties of the nylon thread, which we will introduce later.