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Nylon Thread For Suturing Various Garment Materials
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Nylon thread is used to sew all kinds of clothing materials and has the dual function of utility and decoration. The quality of the nylon thread not only affects the sewing effect and processing cost, but also affects the appearance quality of the finished product. Therefore, the general concept, twist, twist and strength of nylon thread formation, the classification of sutures, the characteristics and main uses, and the selection of nylon thread are used as references to facilitate the establishment of standards for relevant tests. The general concept of nylon thread formation

Comb (carding) - Yarn that is woven by one end only.

Combing - Combing yarns on both ends of a fiber with a combing machine has less impurities and more straight fibers.

Blended Yarn - A blend of two or more different fibers.

The single yarn, formed directly on the spinning machine, will be scattered once it is removed.

Strand - Two or more yarns are tied together, abbreviated as line.

Sewing thread --- The collective name for the thread used for sewing of garments and other sewing products.

New spinning - unlike traditional ring spinning, one end is a free end, such as air spinning, friction spinning and so on. The yarns are tangled together and have no twist.

Yarn - The index used to express the fineness of the yarn, mainly in English, metric, special, and denier.

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