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Nylon Thread Is A Sewing Thread That Does Not Loosen
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Anti-static Nylon thread The so-called function line is actually added on the basis of the traditional line of some ordinary lines do not have the function, the following professional manufacturers for everyone to do a brief introduction.

Nylon yarns are generally used in the production of garments or shoes. Workers enter a special work environment to prevent electrostatic discharges or sparks caused by friction or other causes in the air. When the clothes are sewn, static electricity generated due to the high temperature and high heat brought about by the advanced equipment can easily cause the disconnection to malfunction. Correspondingly, the thread as an integral part of the clothes is also required to use nylon thread. Nylon thread is divided into permanent and temporary two.

Nylon thread is a sewing thread that does not loosen. Compared with ordinary sewing thread, the manufacturing method of nylon thread is to use nylon thread technology to bind the strands together to form a whole, so as to achieve the non-distribution. purpose. So what's the processing method of nylon thread?

The current market is the practice of nylon thread. When the rifling is in progress, a low-melting-point thermal fuse is added in the middle, the strands are twisted together, and then heated to melt the thermal fuse to bind the strands together. Finish the Nylon thread process and then dye it for post-treatment. In this way, it is possible to improve the disadvantages of the conventional linear hard and difficult-to-control colors, and to produce a nylon thread with softer linear and stable color quality.

The production process of nylon thread has been continuously improved, and the production defects of linear rigidity and color-removing after being glued have basically been improved. Everyone can choose according to their own preferences.