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Nylon Thread Strength Indicators
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Nylon thread strength refers to the index of the Nylon thread can withstand the tensile force, it can be carefully divided into two kinds of absolute strength and relative strength, the absolute strength of the Nylon thread is the external force that the yarn can withstand when it is stretched to break, that is, break Strong. With respect to absolute strength, there are single yarn strength, strand strength, twist yarn strength, etc. Generally, their unit is Newton; and relative strength includes fracture strength, specific strength, fracture length, and quality index.

1, the length of the fracture: refers to the yarn weight is equal to the length of its breaking strength.

2, specific strength: refers to the tensile yarn to break, the fineness of the yarn can withstand the external force.

3. Quality index: It indicates the relative strength of twist yarn.

4. Breaking strength: refers to the external force that the yarn can withstand on the cross-sectional area of the yarn when the yarn is broken.

In the specified conditions, the ability of the nylon thread to form a good stitch while maintaining a certain mechanical properties, said seamability, is a comprehensive indicator to assess the quality of sutures.

According to the material, thickness, organization, color, sewing style, sewing equipment or means of the sewing material, the types and specifications of matching stitches and needles can be selected according to the following principles: Coordinating with the characteristics of the fabric, ensuring shrinkage, heat resistance The unity of sex, wear resistance, durability, etc., to avoid the line, fabric differences caused by excessive shrinkage. General soft thin material with a thin line, with a small needle, hard thick material with a thick line, with a large machine needle Coordinate with the sewing equipment, the sewing machine chooses the left-handed sewing thread, which can be added during sewing to maintain the strength of the sewing thread.

Coordinated with the stitch pattern, the bag (tension) sewing machine uses fine cotton thread, so the sewing material is not easy to deform and wrinkle, and the chain stitch is beautiful and feels comfortable. The double thread stitches should use good stretchable stitches. The shoulder seam should be fastened with a strong stitch. The button eye stitches should be selected for wear-resistant stitches.

Coordinate with the type of clothing, special-purpose clothing, such as elastic clothing need to use elastic Nylon thread, fire protection suits apply heat-resistant, fire-retardant and waterproof Nylon thread.