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Regarding Three Misunderstandings Of Nylon Thread, Do You Understand?
- Apr 17, 2018 -

Since the advent of Nylon thread, countless pseudo-concepts have taken root in the heart of fishermen. Today we talk about concepts that seem to be correct. Are you still being fooled by businesses?
First, anti-static treatment? Anti-winding?
Everyone knows that any object has electrons that move, repulsion of the same sex, and attracting the opposite sex is the same principle. A strand of his electronic movement is the same direction, will not attract the original. What do you do with antistatic treatment?
In fact, the reason why the strands will be entangled, thrown off the uneven lead and other reasons. The biggest factor is the flow of water. Nylon thread Everyone knows that any object will stick together when there is water on the surface.
Second, Germany imported?
Germany's fishing line is the best? Is the fishing line imported from Germany now?
This concept emerged two years ago. At that time, the Diaoyu Island dispute was on the cusp and the anti-Japanese sentiment of our people was very high. The nation began to boycott Japanese goods. Japan, which is the largest producer of fishing lines, naturally suffers. So some manufacturers claim that their fishing line is imported from Germany.
Germany does have production lines. However, Germany only has one kind of fishing line called silk strength. The Germans are basically playing before, flies, and Luya fishing. Their fishing line is very good at wearing. But it is not suitable for Chinese Taiwanese fishing. Just like some manufacturers even say that carbon cloth is imported from Germany. When did Germany export the fishing rod carbon cloth?
Most of the domestic fishing lines are produced in Dongyang. A few high-end fishing lines come from Japan. The difference between Chinese and Japanese fishing lines is not raw material, nor is it technology. The biggest difference is the equipment. A set of production lines in Dongyang is estimated to be about 500,000. In Japan, a set of wire drawing equipment requires a minimum of 5 million. Accuracy and uniformity are truly unmatched.
Third, the invincible cord?
Many fishing friends have mentioned that the softer the line, the better. Is the line really softer the better? If the softer the better, why competition masters will choose a harder fishing line in the contest. Very soft fishing line are afraid to try it?
In fact, the advantage of the cord is that the bending is very good. Fish can be inhaled more easily. Better entrance. However, roll resistance, stretch resistance, and stability are greatly reduced. When selecting a fishing line, the first indicator should be pull. With tension, there is only a chance to consider other performances. Nylon thread If even the most basic indicators are not reachable, it is still soft and resistant.
The fishing line must not be too soft. In particular, the main line, the hard line of the better. Make a simple example, such as a table in front of you. You pat on this end of the table, you can feel the vibration on the other side, and if you shoot on a soft sofa, the vibration is naturally consumed.
The hard-line transmission is better and the float movement will be more pronounced. A good fishing line is definitely not a very soft line. Nylon thread The longer the fishing line is, the longer the fishing line will be, and the phenomenon of shortening after the line is tied will no longer appear.