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What Are The Differences Between Nylon Thread And PE Thread?
- Apr 17, 2018 -

As a fishing line, the nylon thread is different from the PE thread. Only by clearly understanding the difference between the nylon thread and the PE thread can you make the best choice and choose the fishing line that suits you when fishing.

One, nylon line

1, due to a certain degree of ductility, throwing and when the fish is not easy to break the line, because the production technology has developed a history of nearly 70 years, low cost, large output, much cheaper than the PE line. Smooth nylon surface, the wear of the wire ring can be minimized.

2. The ductility is also the disadvantage of nylon thread. In some occasions when the fish is too light, the nylon thread can't convey the fish signal to the catcher in time, thus losing the best chance of lifting. In addition, under the same tension condition, the nylon wire is thicker than the PE wire, which affects Luya's throwing distance. For example, when a bite signal is transmitted through a pole tip, if it is a carbon line, the response will be very quick because it will be less malleable, and it will inevitably cause the sympathetic response on the fisherman’s hand to be too fast. Naturally, it will let The illusion between the handle and the mouthpiece will cause the fish to swim through the nylon thread. The response will be relatively slow and the overall operation will be more stable.

Second, the PE line

In the case of the same tension, the diameter of the wire is much thinner than that of the nylon. Similarly, we use 12-pound nylon and 12-pound PE wire because the PE wire is thinner and can be cast farther.

2. In an actual fishing ground, wind power is an important factor affecting Lu Ya's throwing distance. PE wire can also reduce the influence of wind resistance because of the characteristics of finer wire diameter under the same tension.

3, In addition, the PE line is almost non-ductile. This feature can often lead to running fish or firing a gun while being able to quickly transmit the fish signal to the catcher. Adding metal wire to the PE wire, although the pulling force is strengthened, the ductility and softness of the wire are further reduced, and the guide ring is also easily worn.