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What Is The Difference Between Nylon Thread And Carbon Thread?
- Apr 17, 2018 -

The nylon line and the carbon line belong to the fishing line. What is the difference between the two under the same effect?

1. Observation method

Carbon line: strong water cut, large specific gravity, high strength, poor ductility, easy to deform. Should not float on the surface of the water.

Nylon thread: The water cut is poor, the specific gravity is small, it has certain ductility and it is relatively easy to float on the water surface.

2, experimental method

Carbon line: The carbon line is ignited. After the carbon line is burned, the carbon line should be black powder. This is because the carbon line has a high carbon content. The powder produced after combustion can be understood as a carbon ash.

Nylon thread: When the nylon thread is ignited, you will find that it burns very quickly and does not generate black powder after burning. Instead, it is a pile of shaped plastic-like substances.

The above is the difference between the nylon line and the carbon line. It can be seen that whether the nylon line or the carbon line has its own advantages, we can choose according to their actual conditions.

Advantages of making insole with nylon thread

Today we mainly talk about the advantage of using nylon thread to make insoles in life.

1. The use of nylon thread insole has elasticity, resistance to compression and absorption of shock force, long-term wear is not easy to change.

2. The insoles have concavo-convex pins that provide good massage to the soles of the feet.

3. With excellent air permeability, deodorant.

4. The use of nylon thread making insoles strong, durable, can be repeatedly brushing.

5. The advantages of nylon are low price, high specification, elasticity, and good wear resistance. The cost of making insoles is low.

Nylon thread is widely used for making insoles. Nylon thread is used to sew all kinds of clothing materials and has dual functions of utility and decoration.