Filament Thread For Sewing

WeiRui company, with a full set of state-of-the-art facilities, plus imported silicone oil . The filament thread for sewing produced has strong tension, without knot, the number can be customized.We can help you with dyeing, bright color, beautiful and generous thermoplastic packaging, high class, quality.Suitable for sewing the thick thread heavy materials products, such as shoes, sofa, container bags,safety belt, leather, cowboy wear, tents etc. Spot inventory, convenient cooperation, large production.

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Product Details

filament thread for sewing


Product Introduction

WEI RUI company has the most advanced equipment, plus imported silicone oil.Sewing filament has strong tension, no knot, can be customized.We can help you color, bright color, beautiful and generous thermoplastic packaging, high quality packaging.Suitable for sewing thick thread material products, such as shoes, sofas, container bags, seat belts, leather, jeans, tents, etc.

Our advantages

1. We have a lot of equipment and can complete the order quickly by adjusting the production

2. We can provide OEM DOM services


3.We don't just produce raw white polyester filament thread and nylon filament thread

  We can color raw white dyeing different colors


4.The delivery time is short, the packaging is exquisite, and the 24-hour after-sales service is perfect




Why choose us

1.We sell 100 tons in China and overseas markets every month

2. We can produce 3kg using advanced equipment

3. We can produce  using advanced equipment 3kg without knot raw white polyester filament thread and nylon filament thread


4. We use quality cartons to pack your products

5.  Shanghai port ningbo port is close to us, which will save you a lot of transportation costs

6. The best after-sales service.7x24 hours).

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1.Is my payment safe?

(1) We provide certificates and certificate of overseas operation, all of which can be checked.

(2) We can visit our factory through social software, video online.

2.Is the production cycle and delivery time accurate.

   We operate 24 hours a day with fixed capacity to ensure the delivery date of products.

3.Can I see the production progress of my product?

After confirming the order, you can check the production progress at any time through video online.






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