Braided Sewing Thread

braided sewing thread 1.product presentation sewing thread is made of high toughness filament.Each of our wires is knotless, and in a complicated suture mode, it can resist wear and tear, preventing the fibers from winding and splitting.In many industrial fields, such as shoe leather, outdoor...

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Product Details

braided sewing thread

Product Description

Braided sewing thread is made of high toughness filament, which is divided into 12ply and 16ply.All of our products are knot less,and in a complex suture mode, it can resist wear and tear, preventing the fibers from winding and splitting. In many industrial areas, such as shoe leather, outdoor goods and fabrics, the problem of sewing can be solved completely. The products we produce are environment-friendly and have professional quality inspection and meet the current international standards.We produce with our conscience, we make friends with sincerity.


Product Parameters

Origin: Nantong,Jiangsu Province,China

Type: sewing thread

Product Name: Braided sewing thread

Raw Materials: Polyester,Nylon,Bonded

Brand Name: WR

Color:  black,white, green, gray, red, blue, yellow

Specifications: 120D,150D,210D,230D,250D,300D,420D,500D       (2ply OR 3ply)

630D,750D,840D,1050D,1260D,1500D,1680D,1860D  (2ply OR 3ply)

Application: Sofa, Shoes, Leather


Product Strength
1.The color is pure, the normal factory, each process layer of manual inspection ensures that every thread is flawless, the color is bright, the precision work is done;
2. Delicate feeling, select raw materials, feel full;
3. Strong continuous silk, using advanced raw materials, have the ability to strengthen the spell, twist and so on;
4. Adopt imported green dye, good evenness, bright color,  high dyeing fastness, strong water resistance;
5.  The fast delivery time;
6. The best after-sales service.(7x24 hours)

Why Choose Us

Three reasons to choose our products

1.A silky luster,selected raw materials,textile fibers are delicate and soft;
2.Strong ductility, no deformation, no discoloration;

3.Advanced technology is used for more than a dozen processes, soft as silk fibers.

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