Quilting Sewing Thread

quilting sewing thread 1.product presentation Quilting sewing thread with different strength and tension can be applied to different products.It can be used on especially lightweight fabrics, as well as shoes and shoes, sporting goods, bags, mattresses, car seats, etc.The maximum strength can...

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Product Details

quilting sewing thread  

Product Description

Quilting sewing thread can be applied to different products. It can be used to suture bedding, suture leather fabric, style fabric.If you choose to cooperate with us absolutely is your best decision, we have many advantages, such as quality advantage, price advantage, wealth advantage and service advantage. We deserve your trust.

Product Features

high strength, good shock resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, resistant to decay, acid alkali, not light fastness is very good (after acrylic), exposure to the 1000 hours, powerful keep 60-70%, poor hygroscopicity, dyeing difficulties, fabric washable quick-drying, conformal sex is good. It has the characteristics of "wash and wear". Use: filament: often used as a low stretch yarn to make various textile products; Staple: cotton, wool, hemp, etc. Can be blended, industry: tire cord, fishing net, rope, filter cloth, edge material, etc. Polyester is the most used chemical fiber.

Our Advantages

1.We have independent production chain, manufacturer direct sales, the style can be customized according to your needs;

2.All of our products are good wear resistance, strong tension and uniform thickness;

3.Provide high quality products, moderate price, 7x24 after-sales service.


What's the quality of your goods?

After 18 years producing experience, we use the best twisting equipment in China to produce 3kg's high-strength thread and knotless thread.

Our workers are diligent, careful and responsible for product quality.

What's the advantage for cooperating with you?

We are a factory with sustained development. You can get stable quality source.

We have many kind of thread, we have our own dyeing factories to provide more services for customers.

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