Sewing Superior Thread

Sewing superior thread is our company's flagship product.We use high - strength and low - shrinkage raw materials, production of products without oil pollution and they are knotless.Each of the following processes, such as dyeing, drying,...

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Product Details

sewing superior thread

Product Introduction

Sewing superior thread is made of raw materials with high strength and low shrinkage.Each process of producing sewing superior thread , such as dyeing, drying, drafting, silicon wax, thermoplastic film, and carton, are carefully crafted. We strictly control every link to ensure the perfect production of the product.Our company specializes in producing and selling all kinds of sewing thread, accept customers to customize production, and contact customer service for more information.

Product Parameters

Brand Name


Product NameSewing superior thread
Raw MaterialsPolyester,Nylon,BondedColorBlack,White,Green, Gray, Red, Blue, Yellow or according to your requirement
Product Tenacity6G/D,7G/D,8G/D,9G/DUsesShoes,Leather bags, Non-woven bags, Safe passage, Seat belts
Product FeaturesConvenient,PracticalCustomAccepted

Our Strength

1.All of our sewing thread are good toughness, strong and durable;
2.Approved by ISO, SGS, OTEX;

3.Wide range of uses,suitable for shoes, leather bags, non-woven bags, safe passage, seat belts;

4.The color is complete,It is the best choice for each family;

5.Provide high quality products, moderate price, 7x24 after-sales service.

Why Choose Us

Three core competencies the industry absolute leader
1. Super durable, guaranteed not to fade;
2. Super comfortable,it doesn't irritate the skin;
3. Feel soft, environmental protection material, easy to use.


what's the quality of your goods?

After 18 years producing experience, we use the best twisting equipment in China to produce 3kg's high-strength thread and knotless thread.

Our workers are diligent, careful and responsible for product quality.

What's the advantage for cooperating with you?

We are a factory with sustained development. You can get stable quality source.

We have many kind of thread, we have our own dyeing factories to provide more services for customers.

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