Thread for Sewing Machine

We use high - strength, low - shrinkage raw silk to make this thread.We use the advanced equipment to produce 1KG 2KG 3KG knotless white thread. We can also dye a variety of colors to ensure that the color is accurate and the yarn does not...

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Product Details

thread for sewing machine

Product Information

Thread for sewing machine is made of high strength and low shrinkage raw silk.We use advanced equipment to produce 1kg, 2kg, 3kg white thread.We can also dye various colors to ensure the color is accurate and the yarn will not fade.Through the professional equipment to dry high temperature, finally the high temperature shrinkage yarn rebound.We use PVC hot shrink film and cardboard box to pack it.


Product Parameters

Product Name:Thread for sewing machine

Materials: Polyester,Nylon,Bonded

Color: Multicolor optional

Tenacity: 6G/D,7G/D,8G/D,9G/D

Twist of yarn : S  and  Z (according to your requirement)

Specifications: You May Choose white material or finished product

Scope of application: General thickness fabrics and thin fabrics

Product features: Smooth and unimpeded, use imported silicone wax, pass the needle smooth


Our Advantages

1.High quality:Select high-quality imported accessories,use imported silicone wax, pass the needle smooth;
2.Approved by ISO, SGS, OTEX:accord with skin direct contact environmental protection requirement;

3.Stick to each thread:Full double twist process, knotless,smooth,good sewing effect, no jump needle;

4. Ecological environment protection, 120 kinds of colors optional;

6.Products acknowledged by many countries like USA, England, Germany, etc. 


Why choose us
1.We have 18 production lines with a monthly capacity of about 100 tons;
2. We use the new design concept of production equipment to produce quality competitive products;
3. Serving the thread industry for over 18 years;
4. Thicker carton packing or strong wooden pallet packing;
5. We support to customize or specify color swatches to customize;

6. Moderate price, 7x24 after-sales service.

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