White Polyester Thread

Our factory has 30 years production white polyester thread experience, mature technology, white polyester thread is our star products of the factory.From machine equipment to professional technicians, we are the best.We use advanced equipment to...

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Product Details

white polyester thread  


White polyester thread is the star product of our factory.From machine equipment to professional technicians, we are the best.All of our products Can be customized according to customer's requirement.

Product Features

Characteristics of white polyester thread fiber: strength: polyester fiber is nearly 1 times stronger than cotton, 3 times higher than wool, so polyester fabric is durable. 

Heat resistance: can be used in 70 ~ 170 ℃, is a synthetic fiber in heat resistance and thermal stability of the best. 

Elasticity: the elastic of polyester is close to wool, the crease resistance is more than other fiber, the fabric is not wrinkly, the conformal sex is good. 

Wear resistance: polyester has the second highest wear resistance after nylon. 

Water absorption: polyester has low moisture regain and good insulation performance. 

However, due to low water absorption, friction generates static electricity and poor dyeing performance. We will meet the needs of customers with perfect service and high quality yarn. Looking forward to your call!

Product Application

Sutured shoes, stitched mattresses, sutured garments, suture bags.


How is your after-sale service?

We have a 7x24 hour telephone service.

We provides 1 years warranty service.

Free return if any doubts about quality of the product.

Why choose us?

We are a Google certified company.We have company home page on Linked-in and Facebook. Your funds and goods are guaranteed.

We are professional manufacturer,Welcome to visit our factory.

We provide some discount for our customers

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